Photography:    Bojana Ristic

Photography: Bojana Ristic

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My name is Vanessa.  While designing my own wedding I not only wanted a unique and beautiful event,  but one with beautiful memories.  Taking what I experienced together with my studies in film, photography and design, I started photographing them for friends and family.

My work could be defined as a combination of artistry elements, technique, feelings and improvising without losing the natural appearance of the image.  

Sometimes I work together with a young and creative team of friends and collaborators. Combining technical expertise, professionalism and passion for images, we put your needs and desires together with imaginative and original ideas tailored to your project.

I love capturing those precious moments that will last forever and I would be honored to do it for you!


I shoot with Nikons, mostly with my favorite lens, the 70-200mm. I use photoshop and Lightroom to edit,  along with VSCO presets.  I use all natural light and flashes.